What Are The Common Gerd Symptoms

In this article we have discussed some of the common GERD symptoms. If you find that you are suffering from any of the below mentioned problems, then immediately consult a physician without delay.

What are the common Gerd Symptoms?

If the acid content of your stomach backflows to the upper part of the digestive tube called esophagus frequently resulting in the irritation in your throat and chest, it can be considered as the occurrence of gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD. You become more vulnerable when the sphincter valve of the top of your stomach gets weakened due to obesity or other reasons and remains open most of the time allowing the acidic stomach content to pass upward to your esophagus.

Many people experience the problem occasionally once or twice a week. Although in many cases, it happens more frequently in most of the cases, the issue is addressed by mere changing of lifestyle disorder or having some over the counter drugs. But it is quite important for you to have the right understanding of the symptoms of the disease. Understanding Gerd Symptoms will help you overcome the problem in a much better way.

What are the primary symptoms of Gerd?

There are some frequently occurred symptoms of Gerd, some of which are very common in the people who are suffering from the problem.


Heartburn and an acid taste in throat and mouth are considered as the most common Gerd symptom.

It is a kind of burning sensation which is felt behind the breastbone. It may start in your abdomen and may extend up towards back or neck. Sometimes, the pain becomes severe and may result in heart pain rather than a mere burning sensation.

You have a very high chance to have it, especially after your main meal. If you are habituated to oily and spicy foods and have adopted a habit of lying bed immediately after the meal, you are absolutely prone to have the sensation of acid reflux and heartburn after you get up from the bed.


Hoarseness or a sore throat

When the Acid Reflux gets upwards through the sphincter in the upper part of your esophagus, it can even enter the portion of your throat and can cause damage in your pharynx and larynx resulting hoarseness or a sore throat. Therefore, sore throat is considered an important Gerd symptom.

Many times it is followed by pharyngitis or laryngitis as well.

Chronic dry cough

If you have severe dry cough happening mostly at night and no clear reason is found behind the problem, it could simply be a Gerd symptom. It might happen due to the acid reflux that may impact part of your pharynx and result irritation in your throat and severe dry cough as the outcome.


If you already have the problem of asthma it might get worse due to Acid Re flux in your esophagus. Since the acidic content irritates the airways, it has a very negative impact on the patient having asthma. That is why you need immediate medical intervention if you find your asthma problem is aggravated due to severe heartburn. Therefore, the occurrence of severe asthma is sometimes considered as a severe Gerd symptom.

Other symptoms

Sometimes you may have a sudden increase of saliva or you can feel a lump in your throat. These are also considered to be kind of indications of your Acid Re flux Treatment.

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