The Best Desiccators & Dry Boxes Available

Desiccators and dry boxes are special need of laboratories and clean rooms all over the World. People always look for good quality and durability of desiccators and dry boxes. It is always required to control humidity inside the chambers of desiccator.

Cleatech provides the best quality desiccators as well as Desiccator Box. Its relative humidity level is zero percent which makes it best in the market. They are available in different size starting from small size to big size which are multi-chambered. As desiccator is the most basic requirement of every laboratory, it is needed to select according to the need of the laboratory.  Different types of desiccators are available in the market. They are classified on the basis of their operating systems. Standard, Automatic, Gas purge, vacuum desiccators, and dry boxes are very commonly used operating systems.

Cleatech desiccators are made up of different material like PVC, polycarbonate, stainless steel, silica gel. It also offers ESD safe material. It provides major benefits over other. It also helps to block UV rays entering the boxes. It also maintains clean and dry atmosphere inside the desiccators.

Plastic desiccators of Cleatech has single and multi-chamber nitrogen purges storage cabinets. It is a one-piece sealed product without any use of adhesive. Stainless steel desiccators are also popular. It provides the best durability as compared to other. Vacuum desiccator with removable lids maintains vacuum level automatically. 

Advance research in this field made it possible to use desiccant that can sustain the dryness. There was a time when glass desiccators were in common use but now PVC, Stainless steel material is taking its place. They are easily moveable and have good durability. Every model of desiccator has a specific feature that makes it different from other.

Plastic desiccators 1500 series of Cleatech is multi-chambered with stainless steel doors. It is also available in shelving, sliding drawer and wafer carrier storage capacity. It is available in clear or amber acyclic or Static-Dissipative PVC.

All the models provide the best service. It also contains built-in digital hygrometer or thermometer. It is also available in the multi-door facility. It helps to store the big quantity of the substance and maintain its quality for a long time.

High maintenance of laboratory material in fulfilled by these models. They are very modern and very affordable. You can easily order it online. Along with desiccators, single small dry Laboratory Glove Boxes are also available to provide small storage of material like phones underwater, camera and other important material.

Cleatech provides a wide range of desiccator boxes that you can be used in the big organization as well as small startup laboratories. It provides profitable deals of product with the high-quality maintenance of the product.  

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