Important Factor Buying Outdoor Basketball Shoes

The second, but not less important factor when buying outdoor basketball shoes is the degree of fixation of the ankle. Injury to the ankle is the most common in basketball players, not counting finger injuries, of course. Sneakers on the degree of protection of the ankle are divided into three types:

High / High. (Nike Hyper dunk 2018, Nike Lebron XII) High shoes are a classic basketball. They perfectly protect the ankle and ankle, but significantly reduce the speed of movement on the site. Such sneakers fit absolutely everything, but, as a rule, they like to wear universal basketball players.

Mid / Mid. (Nike Zoom Hyper quickness 2018, Jordan Melo M11)  Unlike high, sneakers of medium height give more freedom for the player, but at the same time lower the level of foot protection. These sneakers are suitable for experienced high-speed basketball players. For beginners, such sneakers can cause injury.

Low / Low. (Nike Kobe X, Nike KD VIII, Adidas 2018 Crazylight Boost Prim) Once the low basketball shoes seemed to be something strange. They were not taken seriously, but lately, basketball players are choosing shoes with a low profile. The main reason is convenience. In light low sneakers, it is much more convenient to move around the site. To be afraid of them precisely it is not necessary, because at a strong collision your feet will not save any sneakers. It is worth remembering that the most effective way to avoid injuries is training to strengthen the ligaments and joints.

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The third factor is the material from which sneakers are made. It used to be that leather is the best material for best outdoor basketball shoes because of its durability and fixation. But now everything has changed. The leather is almost not used in the manufacture of shoes, and the main “culprit” of this was synthetics and plastic. During the years of various tests and inspections, it was established that both for “vitality” and for the protection of synthetics with plastic are in no way inferior to the skin. And it’s also worth mentioning that in synthetics the leg “breathes” much better.

After you have gone through these three points, go to the most enjoyable – to try on. Remember that you need to measure sneakers at once on both feet! Before going to the store put on or take with you those socks in which you plan to play. Then you’re pretty fastened. And then you should walk around the store, and it’s better to jump or make some sharp movement. Thus, you simulate the game situation and understand if it will be convenient for you to them during the game. Pay close attention to fixing the foot. Your foot should not be strongly clamped in a sneaker, but it should not be hanging in it either. Here we must adhere to the rule of the golden mean. It is also worth remembering that during games and training your leg is swollen with fatigue, which is why many basketball players immediately take themselves shoes for half a size more to avoid various minor leg injuries and rubbing.


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