Things You Must Know to Buy Tyres Like a Pro

Buying a new pair of tyres is an important task for all car owners. Every vehicle needs a suitable pair not only to deliver expected performance but also to ensure the security of passengers during the drive. Despite performing the same function of carrying and moving a vehicle, tire differs from each other regarding tread pattern and capability to perform under diversified circumstances like weather and road conditions.

Selection of tire further depends on the size and model of an automobile, daily use and road conditions. For instance, if you are seeking to buy SUV tyres for your SUV (sport-utility vehicle); you can’t buy the same pieces fitted in an economy car. You can’t fix the same type of rubber for on-road and off-road driving. A wide variety is available in the market. You may choose a suitable kind according to your requirements after considering your lifestyle, vehicle and budget.

Below I am sharing few essential things you must know to purchase tires like a pro.

Find out the tire size

Tyres are available in different sizes. You can’t pick a pair unless you don’t know the exact size specification fitted in your vehicle. Selecting a suitable size is not as simple as choosing a dress size from small, medium and large. Instead, tire size is its diameter in inches. It starts at 13 and end at 22. This means you need to check the diameter of the current pair fitted in your car. You can find this information on placard printed on driver side door, or you can also examine your current set. Carefully check the sidewall for the code. The last number is the size code. For example, the sidewall code is P205/55R16; then last two digits are showing the diameter.

Review different types

Different types are available to execute diversified needs of vehicles. Inexperienced buyers or first-time buyers could easily feel overwhelmed. Don’t get confused after watching multiple varieties of tires at the shop. These types are made for different kinds of vehicles like cars, trucks, crossovers, minivans and SUVs. You may choose the one from them that suits your vehicle, lifestyle, driving habits and environmental requirements. Depending on environmental conditions and core functions, they are divided into seven major categories.

All Season: As its name shows; this variety is designed to perform year-round in mild weather. It fails to perform in extreme weather conditions like sub-zero temperatures in snowy weather.

Snow /winter: These are made for sub-zero temperatures, ice and snow. They are made of rubber that remains soft and doesn’t lose its flexibility. Moreover, the deep tread design offers better traction over snowy tracks. Once the temperature is increased, winter tires must be replaced.

Summer: Word summer shows that these tires are capable of handling warm season. They are purposefully designed to give excellent traction on damp surfaces and resist mild showers in spring and hot weather. They become hard in the winter season and have to swap out when the temperature drops.

Performance tires: They are perfect for sports vehicles fitted with horsepower engines. If speed and performance is your priority, they will be an ideal choice for you. The only drawback of choosing is lack of tread wear rating. Don’t choose if you are looking for long lasting tread.

All-Terrain: They are made to show performance on rough tracks with gravel, dirt, rocks and snow. If you are adventurous and love tripping and can tolerate a noisier drive, you may purchase all-terrain treads.

Mud-Terrain: These are fit for deep muddy and sandy tracks. Their bigger size, deep, rugged tread enable them to offer traction even on the slipperiest tracks. Due to particular tread design, they produce noise during the drive.

Touring Tires: They are kind of premium pieces and best for those who want to enjoy a silky smooth and silent ride. When it comes to reliability and longevity, this variety is unbeatable. However, they can’t perform in extreme weather.

Estimate your budget

Everyone wishes to buy premium tires to enjoy a comfortable drive; though the price cannot be neglected completely. Buyers should estimate their budget before purchase to avoid overspending. The best advice regarding tire purchase is to take it as an investment.

Endnote: Without quality treads, a vehicle will fail to deliver a safe and smooth drive. Learn these tire facts to buy SUV tyres like a pro.


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