UEFA Champions League 2018

From the summer of 2018, the UEFA Champions League will look like this. In the main grid will be the same 32 clubs, which in eight quartets will argue for 16 vouchers to 1/8 finals. But the scheme of selection of participants to the group round will change, according to the official website of the FFU.

The representation of the associations in the 2018/2019 season is determined on the basis of the table of coefficients of the spring of 2017, so we can talk about specific quotas for each country. 

Extra Tickets To Top Countries

The teams LCH-2018/2019 will immediately hit 26 teams (previously there were 22). Now the four most powerful associations in the rating without qualifications delegate there all their representatives (four). In this season, the first three rating associations had in the main grid in three clubs (plus one in the selection), and the fourth – only two. Therefore, the decision of UEFA will significantly improve the position of Spain, Germany, England and Italy.

France and Russia, which are in the fifth and sixth places respectively, are guaranteed to have two participants in the group stage, Portugal (7), Ukraine (8), Belgium (9) and Turkey (10) – one by one. The Czech Republic (11) and Switzerland (12), unlike the previous scheme, do not fall into this list. True, the Czechs have a chance to have a direct ticket if the winner of the LCH-2017/2018 gets to the Champions League zone in their national championship. And he and the triumphant LE-2017/2018 immediately fall into the group.

If the current winner of the Europa League gets the right to play in the group stage on the basis of the results in the national championship, then the vacant place will occupy the winner of the third line in the league, which is on the fifth ranking of the ranking (France). Note that one association may be represented at the group stage by a maximum of five clubs.

Two Rivals For The Vice-Champion Of Ukraine

As a result, we have 26 teams that go to the main grid directly. The remaining six passes will be played by 55 clubs, among whom will be the vice-champion of Ukraine. As in previous years, two branches of selection will be formed.

The way of representatives of the leagues would consist of three stages, not two, as before. In the second qualifying round there will be six teams (second winners of Turkey, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Holland, Greece and Austria). In the third to the top three winners of the second will be joined by representatives of France, Russia, Portugal, Ukraine and Belgium. They form four pairs (ranked individually). Their winners in the play-off round will play two tours to the main grid.

For our silver prize-winner, the task is unlikely to be complicated, because, as before, it will have to pass two rivals to the group. And among them there will definitely be no representatives of the top championships.


Teams who lose in the second qualifying round of the Ways of the League representatives will continue the European Cup season in the third qualifying round of the Ways of the League of Europe. Teams flying out in the third qualifying round of the Ways of Representatives leagues or in a playoff round will directly fall into the group stage of the Europa League.

The Chance To Save The Season Will Be At All

In the Championship Way there will be one preliminary round and four qualifying, according to the results of which the group will get four clubs. The preliminary round will be played in the form of a mini-tournament with a play for the elimination, participation in it will take four teams. The first qualifying round will be 33 participants and the winner of the previous round. The second qualification round will include three teams and 17 winners of the first round, a third qualifying round – two teams plus 10 winners of the second round, a round of playoffs – two teams plus six winners of the third round.

All teams that have left the Championship, starting from the previous round and ending with the third qualifying round, will have a chance to succeed in the Europa League, where they will compete in the Championship of the respective qualification round. Teams left in the playoff round will automatically fall into the group stage of the Europa League.

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